Hotties Heatlogs - Quarter tonne (25 x 10 log packs), Hotties Heatlogs - Half tonne (50 x 10 log packs), Hotties Heatlogs - One Tonne (100 x 10 log packs) 

Hotties heatlogs are the brilliant new eco friendly way to make a hot and easy fire. They are made from highly compressed wood formed into a square log (70mm square by 200mm length): they are the log with the handy hole down the middle and make excellent wood for burning on fires, stoves, firepits and chimineas.
Hotties are price competitive with wood and coal and are made using 100% compressed, recycled wood. Easy to handle and quick to light, Hotties firewood burns with a steady flame and give off constant heat. You can mix Hotties with wood or coal or use them by themselves. The manufacturing process means they retain their shape during burning and do not expand, therefore they last significantly longer during burning than inferior types of compressed wood fuel. They are also safer to burn with no expansion or cracking.
The reason Hotties are the ideal fuel for fires is that they typically contain less than 5% moisture. Normal, seasoned wood can contain from 25-50% moisture, which is why they are often hard to 'get going' on a fire. In other words, if you receive a load of fuel for fires that is not seasoned, you are paying for water.
If you buy wood for firewood, buy Hotties. The wood used to make Hotties is 100% clean wood, chipped and then dried in a rotating air drier first, before being compressed to just 10% its original mass. With Hotties, you are getting excellent value for money and the wood you are buying is optimised for burning well. In our burn trials, consumers said the following about Hotties fuel for fires:

  • 'they give off a very bright light and are hot'
  • 'the heat was impressive with very little ash'
  • 'they burn really well and with a cheerful flame'
  • 'I use the hole in the middle to move Hotties on the fire'
  • 'they stack well and are easy to light'.

20 out of the 20 testers of Hotties said they would recommend them to a friend. We'd like to recommend them to you.

Hotties Firepack, our second product, is the ideal solution for busy people wanting a fire. In essence Hotties Firepack comprises two Hotties logs with a 'Firemagic' eco firelighter base - made using recycled paper and cardboard. Once lit, Hotties Firepack produces good flames within four minutes - there is no need to lay a fire with paper and kindling. They are an ideal way to try out Hotties before ordering a full load. Hotties are an ideal wood for burning in wood stoves, fireplaces, wood burners and chimeneas.

Barbies Sixpack, our third product, are 100% English hardwood fuel briquettes, made from compressed, recycled beech, oak and chestnut. As they burn, Barbies release a subtle hardwood aroma, giving barbecued food a hint of smoked flavouring. Their incredibly low moisture content of up to 5% assures consistent and reliable burning, making Barbies a viable and eco friendly alternative to imported charcoal. Barbies are sold as a 'Barbies Sixpack', which contains six briquettes on a 'Firemagic' eco firelighter base made using recycled paper and cardboard.

our firewood

All firewood produced by Bridgebrooke Energy is made using UK clean wood offcuts, sawdust and timber direct from managed woodland. So whether we are collecting from a wood clearance in Dorset, the offcuts from a sawmill in Leicestershire or the downfall from a heavy wind in East Anglia, Bridgebrooke Energy will use what some might call 'waste' wood and put it to excellent use.

Once the firewood is collected, we chip and dry it using rotating air driers. Green or unseasoned wood can contain upwards of 50% moisture, something you will have experienced if you have ever received a load of wood that doesn't burn easily. Bridgebrooke dries the wood to just 5% moisture level before compressing it to 10% of its original mass, which is why our Heatlogs are so hard, dense, and dry, and why as firewood they light so easily and burn so well - every time. Hotties are the ideal wood for burning in fireplaces, wood stoves, wood burners and chimeneas.

The other really good part of all this is that once our development programme is complete, the energy we use to power the drying and the compressing will be derived from an anaerobic digestor powered by local pig manure. So, green all round, in one sense! Non-UK sources of wood are used at times of high demand.

The following chart compares the average radiant heat output of Hotties heatlogs, with a regular bag of coal, in controlled burn tests carried out over a period of 150 minutes.

Source: Jetmaster Fires

Heat comparison and value for money

using our firewood

Please follow the simple instructions below when lighting your hotties and barbies. These simple steps will help optimise our product performance.