Woodburning, Multifuel, Electric and Gas, Cast Iron Stoves in both traditional and modern styles.


Modern Technology

In the modern world of the 21st century, individual craftsmanship is being eroded by the requirements for standardisation and measurements of quality and safety.

We have been able to achieve all of these requirements by using traditional castings to construct complete heating appliances that are then tested and approved to the highest European standards.

We have invested heavily in establishing a research and development laboratory. Our engineers are able to test Gas, Multifuel and Electrical appliances using the latest analysers, calibrated fuels and instrumentation to ensure each and every product meets the requirements of European (C.E) Standardisation and approval of time, allowing you many years of trouble free enjoyment.

Traditional Casting


Experience has taught us that our customers want to balance the aesthetics of their chosen appliance with practicality.

We have endeavoured to create stoves which are not only designed to suit the style of your living room, but are built to stand the test of time. We believe in using time honored materials, such as cast iron, as the material to craft our stoves from.

Cast iron has been used for centuries for its excellent ability to conduct and radiate heat.

Only cast iron allows the creation of intricate pattern work that cannot be matched by any other material, therefore it remains a material unrivalled in stove manufacture. Cast iron ensures our stoves will stand the rigors of time, allowing you many years of trouble free enjoyment.

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