Verine Fires

Verine Fires

Verine Vertex

Choose a Verine fire and all your expectations will be fulfilled. Elegant, sophisticated and designed to perfection. Verine fires are all this and more. Crafted to not only captivate and beguile, they are built to the highest standards, are energy efficient and perform brilliantly.

Expect optimum quality & performance from your fire. Verine fires are built to last in their state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility where their quality standards meet the stringent demands of ISO 9001/2000. That’s why Verine are able to offer an impressive 5 Year Guarantee on all gas fires.
Verine Frontier
Every fire in the Verine range features a Flame Supervision Device (FSD) which detects the presence of a flame, and in the absence of that 
flame, prevents uncontrolled release of gas to the burner. For maximum safety each conventional flue model also includes an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) which shuts off the gas supply to the main burner in the unlikely event of a fault.

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We recommend that all gas appliances be serviced by a Gas Safe Register engineer to ensure continued safe operation and optimum performance throughout the lifetime of the product. In order to encourage and promote this good practice, an annual service, including replacement of the oxy-pilot, is a condition of Verine 5 Year Guarantee.

Our Verine Collection:

Verine Fires Orbis HE

Verine Fires Quasar HE

Verine Fires Frontier HE Heath Mounted

Verine Fires Frontier HE Hole-in-the-Wall 

Verine Fires Midas HE

Verine Fires Fontana Compact HE

Verine Fires Fontana Compact HE Balanced Flue

Verine Fires Fontana HE

Verine Fires Fontana HE Balanced Flue

Verine Fires Meridian HE

Verine Fires Meridian HE Balanced Flue

Verine Fires Alpena

Verine Fires Marcello

Verine Fires Ravena

Verine Fires Acclaim

Verine Fires Zodiac

Verine Fires Quasar

Verine Fires Quasar Power Flue

Verine Fires Frontier

Verine Fires Sigma

Verine Fires Sigma Power Flue

Verine Fires Midas

Verine Fires Midas Power Flue

Verine Fires Orbis

Verine Fires Atina Slimline

Verine Fires tina Strata

Verine Fires Atina XL

Verine Fires Vertex Slimline

Verine Fires Vertex

Verine Fires Vertex XL

Verine Fires Carmelo

Verine Fires Alpena Balanced Flue