DEFRA approved stoves                                                                                                  

DEFRA approved stoves

DEFRA is the UK Government Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which regulates smoke emissions under the Clean Air Act 1993.

A DEFRA approved stove is an advanced system of eco-engineering approved by the UK Government for burning wood in smoke control areas, and is among the most environmentally friendly heating solutions in the world.

Wood is one of the few natural renewable and sustainable energy sources available, and when used with a correctly installed DEFRA stove, gives many economic and safety advantages.


  • Retains heat with reduced fuel bills
  • Lower energy use and carbon emmissions
  • Fewer pollutants, safer on the environment
  • Completely safe, easy and practical to use
  • Flames visible via clearview airwash glass doors
  • Stylish and lasts a lifetime
  • Wide choice of designs and settings  

Woodburning stoves are proven to be environmentally better, economically more efficient, and easier on the pocket with those heating bills. Efficency levels on stoves range from 70% to 82%, which adds up to smaller fuel bills....and a warmer glow in every sense of the word!

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